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I am trying to move our company to zero touch deployment. I have all my policies with custom triggers and config profiles setup, ive tested DEPnotify as a self service policy and it worked like a charm. I am having some trouble getting this to work with prestage though as i need to have JAMF connect there to login. I also saw there is something called JAMFConnectNotify but i havent seen much about it in use online.


Does anyone have any info on deployment for these, i tried deploying depnotify by itself but it didnt work correctly. I was going to try with having JAMFConnect and DEPNotify as prestage packages and test.


I used this guide to setup DEPnotify for prestage enrollment,


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Valued Contributor III

We use DEPNotify along with Jamf Connect (and Login) for enrollment. Here's how things are deployed:

The PreStage:

  • enrollment packages, both signed
    • Jamf Connect installer
    • Jamf Connect assets pack (imagery for Jamf Connect Login)
  • profiles:
    • Jamf Connect license key
    • Jamf Connect Login settings (Login enables FileVault on account creation)
    • FileVault key escrow

(Our Jamf Pro security settings handle auto-deploying the PPPC and Notifications profiles for all the Jamf products.)

We only have one policy on the enrollmentComplete trigger, and that policy installs DEPNotify and runs the script to trigger the rest of the policies.

There are quite a few ways to do this, but I've tried to keep all the pieces small and modular so it's easy to update/change/remove things from the workflow as needed. This approach works well for us.

Success with using the tools probably depends on how you're deploying them and if your PreStage packages are signed (they must be to be deployed via the PreStage).

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Emily,  could you post the instruction on how to implement your plan, especially in the environment where a quarter of new macs will not use pre-stage?