FileVault login icons missing after updating

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We have been running Jamf Connect 2.12.0 for many months just fine. I recently installed version 2.17 for testing and it seems to work ok. This morning I saw that 2.18 is available so I installed that for testing. As it just so happened, I needed to change my password, so I changed it via Jamf Connect and it worked great! I decided to restart my Mac to make sure the FileVault password also synced up but when I restarted my Mac running macOS 12.6.1 I no longer get the FileVault login with the icons to pick from. I only see the ID & PW boxes. No amount of restarts brings back the FV icons. It also seems to have forgotten out our desktop wallpaper that we use on the Login screen (without FV).

Is this expected behavior?


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Correction: The desktop wallpaper is OK for the regular ID & PW login screen. It is just at this new FV ID&PW login that it isn't there.

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OK this has just gotten stranger.  I updated Jamf Connect on my intel MBP and the FileVault icons are there. But they are missing on my M1 MBP.  To clarify: I don't mean that the specific pictures are missing and replaced with generic icons.... I mean the entire login screen is no longer icons to click on, it is now an ID box and a Password box.


Hey @AVmcclint I believe that is an arm Processor thing. Arm Processor has the username and password field for FileVault:

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On the M1 system can you try running this command in terminal if you can get logged in to an admin account:

sudo diskutil apfs updatePreboot /

Then reboot and check if accounts show. This should update changed passwords in the system. 

You can also use these commands to check if filevault/secure token is still enabled for users. 

sudo fdesetup list

sysadminctl -secureTokenStatus username

I ran those commands and everything looks fine as far as tokens and such, but it still only gives the ID & PW login.  @gabe2385 thanks for the info on the difference between Apple Silicon and intel with regard to this, but it still doesn't explain why the login screen changed when all I did was update Jamf Connect from 2.12 to 2.18.  Everything still works, but this is a major change to the user experience that I need to either switch back to the icon FV login or have a **bleep** good explanation ready for my bosses who will wanna know why it changed only on some computers but not all. 

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Try pressing Option+Enter, this switches between User List Icons and Name/Pass-boxes on Apple Silicon running macOS 12+.

Another option is to get for macOS configuration profile that sets the login window type as List or Name/Pass. This also affects the FV boot screen on Apple Silicon.