Grey screen with Jamf Connect and Sonoma


Hello all


we are running into an issue where users cannot log in to their machines after upgrading to Sonoma. Its just a grey screen that shows a username and login prompts at the bottom of the window. Other times a black screen and we cant get past that. 

Anyone also seeing this when using JC and Sonoma?


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I just started testing Sonoma the other day. The upgrade from Ventura went fine but I noticed that after a restart, I was stuck at a rotating black screen and grey screen that doesn't stop until you uninstall Jamf Connect. This machine had Jamf Connect v2.24 installed.

The fix for me was to update to Jamf Connect v2.28 on my test machine. That fixed the black/grey screens and Jamf Connect is working as expected now.

Did you just push the JC pkg and autostart pkg in a policy and push it to the machine? Wondering how I can do this for users remotely

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Short answer: yes. 
Long answer: I actually pushed a full Jamf Connect uninstall to this machine via a "check-in" policy. Once that was done the normal Mac log-in window started working and I was able to log in as administrator then did the install of JC v2.28 and restarted to verify everything worked. 

I'm pretty sure you could pus the updated JC v2.28 client to the machine and then restart and it "should" start up normally.

Side Note: I did not try disabling Jamf Connect in authchanger before uninstalling. It's possible you may be able to reset it back to macOS in order to log in to the machine again. I may have to test that in the future.

/usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset


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We are also seeing this issue. I just finished setting up Jamf Connect, and this happened when deploying to the first user. He is running Sonoma 14.1.0, and I'm deploying Jamf Connect 2.18.1. In our case, the user signed into the SSO window, saw a grey screen and was taken back to the SSO window. He then couldn't log in locally with his user account - I gave him a break glass password to get in so I could have him run the uninstaller. I didn't learn about the authchanger -reset command until just now.


Did you ever have any luck fixing this issue on your end?

The fix for us was to update Jamf Connect to v2.28 (or higher) for anyone running macOS Sonoma. No login issues after that.

That authchanger command has saved me quite a few times.

Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately, we are deploying 2.28.1. I'm guessing it's an issue with my configuration, and I believe I've narrowed it down to demobilization. I'm going to open up a support case.

any update?

I'm facing the same issue after installation. 

with JC 2.29.0 it seems to be working , but how can I remotely install it ?

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I opened a case with Jamf Support. They were excellent, as always. I had overconfigured my profiles. We're not sure what exactly fixed the issue, but the problem is fixed. I would recommend opening a case. I always forget how good Jamf's support is and wait way too long to open a case.