How do you block URL systemwide on Jamf?

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Configuration Profile > New > Parental Controls > Content Filtering > Enable "Limit Access to websites by" > Under "Deny URLs:" enter URLs you want to block.

Thank you! I added the URL. However, it looks like even if the site is blocked, I can still access the site? I did this on chrome and received a popup that states "Google Chrome Helper attempted to access a secure website. Screen Time restricts access to secure websites. To add this website to your approved list, click Add Website." There are 2 options, "add website" and "ok". I selected Add website and another popup appears asking for my laptop pw, which I entered. Then a popup appears that reads "access to this secure website is now permitted/ future access to this website will be allowed. try connecting again." I tried to connect to it again and it appears blocked. i'm just not sure if it's really blocked since the popup says that it's now unblocked. Any ideas about this? 

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This is only for Safari - other browsers will still be able to access the sites

I've tried adding entries to Local Hosts file but that hasn't been bullet proof either...