Problems updating jamf client from Intune

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Hi team,

We have jamf integrated with Azure directly.

We are trying to update jamf client from Intune on Macs, but although from Intune marks the application as updated, on the devices we find that the version installed on the previous one.

Has anyone had this problem? Do you need more information?


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The Jamf agent is updated directly by the Jamf server. If your server has not been updated, then the agent on the Macs will stay at that version. When the server is updated, then the agent on the Macs will update when they check in. 

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JAMF would update Intune (or configure MAU to update intune), Intune is just providing conditional access to Microsoft products. To update JAMFs binary or self service on a device, the JAMF Server needs to be updated which will update the Binary and SelfService automatically.