Incorrect local password during migration


Hi there,


We are having some issues with the deployment of Jamf Connect. Seems a handful of people once Jamf Connect deploys to their machine and they get to the process of associating the local account with their IDP account, after the initial IDP login they're prompted to enter their local password and the passwords are not accepted even though we know for certain their password was entered correctly.
About 80% of people migrate successfully while the remaining are having these issues only during the migration phase. Since we do a rollout without FileVault we have to wipe these machines to get the employee back working.

Does anyone know what the cause of this issue is? We've checked keyboard inputs, the MacBooks themselves are all sourced from the same supplier with no variation between the region. It just seems very much like RNG at this point. We've tried external keyboards as well, since you cant view the password being entered a good assumption would be that even though the password is entered correctly on the physical keyboard that it's not recording the correct key presses in the password field.