Is Jamf Connect required for AzureAD Auth?

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We are using Jamf Pro and are setup as shared devices using Setup and Reset. and microsoft authenticator.

What is involved in switching over to user assigned still using reset for a device format and logging into a device with Azure creds?

Is Jamf connect required for this?

I am trying to achieve a shared device that users make their own for their shift and reset and wipe at the end, during their shift they can use outlook/teams/word/onedrive etc with app protection policies and conditional access.


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There is really no right or wrong way to do anything with macOS, there is just an easy and a hard way. If you are wanting a user to be able to log in to macOS with their Azure credentials, yes you will need a tool like JAMF connect as macOS has no function to handle this natively. 


I would reconsider "wiping" the devices at the end of a users shift. This will require the user to setup their email and everything the next day and seems like it would be a waste of time and a bit heavy handed, however you know your use case far better than I do :). There is an application called deep freeze that does something close to what you are asking. However it is mainly used for retail demo units which you want to reset at the end of each day, and education which would want to reset at the end of a semester. Deepfreeze takes snapshots and can recover from said snapshots reverting any changes.

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Can you clarify your needs here? On one hand you mention shared devices and the apps Setup and Reset as well as MSFT Authenticator. That's iPadOS then you mention Connect which is macOS.