JAMF 100 Difficulty?

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I am newbie to JAMF and its my first time using it to enroll MacOS devices into the environment. I wanted to take a couple of weeks to learn from the free JAMF 100 course and knock out the exam within that timeframe. Does this sound reasonable if I spend a couple of hours learning the material? I was curious if I could pass the exam strictly on the course material or its best to have hands on experience first. Thanks!



@crockwaxi From what I heard, this should be doable. Jamf 100 is an entry course that goes over the basics of how Jamf works. I have not taken it my self but had some coworkers take it that never touch jamf and was able to pass, but was able to understand jamf more when they got out of it. I would also recommend to take the 200 when you are done with 100, you learn a lot more to maintain your environment. 

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JAMF 100 is designed for people in their first 90 days of using JAMF. I took and passed my JAMF 100 without ever using a Mac (windows admin) or JAMF on a whim because I wanted another certificate. Well 3 years later I have my JAMF 300, and am the senior engineer for a JAMF environment. I think your plan is totally reasonable, you got this.