Jamf Connect 2.36.0 - ANNOYING POP-UP TO SETUP LOCAL 2FA๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ

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Hello, after updating to Jamf Connect 2.36.0 this morning, my users are getting super annoying pop-up to setup local login 2FA on their computers, I suspect that this is caused by the new feature introduced in 2.36.0 called "Offline MFA Reminder (OfflineMFAReminder) but this key is not yet available in "Jamf Connect Configuration".

Is there any way to rollback affected users to 2.35.0 or is the key (OfflineMFAReminder) might work if I add it in the Jamf Connect configuration profile?

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We have not had any issues; I'm figuring it's something unique to your environment. If you are not, I would suggest testing stuff ahead of production rollouts and ideally in beta, even if your rollouts are automated. Testing does wonders for catching stuff like this.


How to Downgrade: You should be able to just push the old package, you may need to remove the existing install. It's been a while since I needed to downgrade so I can't remember if there was a preinstall script to check if it was already installed, if it does check you just need to remove Connect first. You would want to disable any auto updates you have configured, mac apps and such or it will just update again.

Have you tried modifying the Offline MFA behavior following the instructions in Jamfs Documentation?

Multifactor Authentication - Jamf Connect Documentation 2.36.0 | Jamf

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Hello, no it's not unique to my environment, many users are affected by it and Jamf as acknowledged the issue.