Jamf Connect 2.5.0 Release


Today we released Jamf Connect 2.5.0 for general availability; this release includes the below details.

Key Feature Content

  • Passthrough Authentication with Google Cloud ID: Organizations that use Google Cloud ID with the Jamf Connect login window can now securely send the password entered by users in the Google sign-in web view to Jamf Connect for local authentication. This allows Jamf Connect to complete network and local authentication without prompting users to re-enter a password. During local account creation, this ensures that the network password is automatically used as the local password.​
  • Compatibility with macOS 12: Jamf Connect 2.5.0 is compatible with macOS Monterey 12*

*Compatibility and new feature support are based on testing with the latest Apple beta releases


Key Technical Content

  • Minimum supported macOS version change: macOS 10.14.3 or earlier is no longer supported by Jamf Connect. Before you upgrade to Jamf Connect 2.5.0, make sure all computers with Jamf Connect are on macOS 10.14.4 or later.
  • Save Tokens from Jamf Connect Configuration Authentication Tests: You can now save the ID, access, and refresh tokens obtained from testing OpenID Connect authentication in the Jamf Connect Configuration app. All three token types are saved as encoded .txt​ files.
  • Okta Verify Number Challenge Support in Jamf Connect Configuration: Okta Verify number challenges are now a supported MFA method when testing authentication with the Jamf Connect Configuration app
  • PAM Enhancement: The Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) prompts can now be disabled when users attempt to edit the Network pane settings in System Preferences.
  • Jamf Unlock Authentication Improvements: Improved the stability and performance of the Jamf Unlock authentication and pairing processes in the Jamf Connect menu bar app.


Product Documentation

For more information, including Release Notes, please see The Jamf Connect Administrator Guide.

Thank you!

The Jamf Connect team


New Contributor III

For existing deployment, who are willing to upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.8, is there any guide available?

I see this guide: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-connect/2.8.0/documentation/Installation_and_Licensing.html but it explains everything from scratch,