Jamf Connect 2.7.0 is now available


Today we released Jamf Connect 2.7.0 for general availability; this release includes the below details.

Key Feature Content

Password Synching Support for Google Cloud ID: You can now deploy the Jamf Connect menu bar app to allow users to sync passwords between their Google account and local account on the Mac. To learn more about the requirements of using Google Cloud ID password sync, please read the release notes.

Jamf Unlock 1.2.0: Jamf Unlock now supports logging into a paired Mac computer. Other improvements include:

  • The paired devices window in Jamf Connect menu bar app now displays the user’s paired device name rather than just the device type.
  • User interface now in Japanese, French, German and Spanish.
  • Device pairing UI ensures prompts asking for access to device camera, location and Bluetooth correctly display.
  • The PIN authentication UI no longer displays an expiration timer when a static PIN type is configured.

Key Technical Content

  • Improved the local account migration user experience by adding a Creating Your Account on This Mac... loading screen. The Verify screen no longer unexpectedly re-appears after the user authenticates to the local account for migration.
  • The Create a Separate Local Password (OIDCNewPassword) setting no longer needs to be set to false to enable passthrough authentication with Azure AD.
  • The Short Name (OIDCShortName) setting is now included in the Login tab in Jamf Connect Configuration. 

Resolved Issues

  • [PI-008286] Disabling Wi-Fi before a logout or restart no longer prevents users from choosing a network connection with the Jamf Connect login window.
  • [PI-009255] Jamf Connect can now change passwords on computers previously bound to an Active Directory domain.
  • [PI-009570] [PI-009625] Passwords are no longer duplicated when pasted into the Password field using the keyboard shortcut Command-V.
  • [PI-010264] Jamf Connect now allows OneLogin users to authenticate with a one-time password (OTP) in the OneLogin web view.

Product Documentation

For more information, including Release Notes, please see the Jamf Connect Administrator Guide.

Thank you!

The Jamf Connect team




But does it fix the PI-010000 enterprise wifi connection issue???

This issue is not yet addressed, but it is an issue we have started to look at for solutions.