Jamf Connect and Okta configuration profile


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We're currently evaluating Jamf Connect to use with our Okta instance. Currently at the stage where we want to set up the Okta configuration profile for Jamf Connect. Using the Jamf Connect Configuration tool, I'm curious to learn which fields those of you who have the same combo (Connect + Okta) have you filled out?



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Yes, I've followed that process. However, the Setup Assistant still doesn't show up the Okta login window when we set up the demo device. What else needs to be configured to have that pop up rather than the default user creation window? The skip local account creation is selected in PreStage Enrollment (just an admin is created). The manual seems to be very spotty for this.

In your Jamf Pro Settings > Global Management > Enrollment Customization you need to create a New Enrollment Customization Configuration that has a pane with "Single Sign-on Authentication"


This may be helpful: https://docs.jamf.com/technical-papers/jamf-pro/managing-jamf-connect/10.19.0/Introduction_ConnectEn...

Thanks! Yeah now we have it working; kind of. It works for my account, but not for a different Okta account (which also has the Jamf Connect assigned to it, same as mine). Any idea what could the cause be?


It says the app is not assigned from the Okta side, but it is


For who it may concern; the users also have to have Jamf Pro assigned to them in Okta