JAMF Connect and Ventura screensaver

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Hi Jamf Nation,

 I hope someone will show me the light here. The screensaver activation in Ventura with Jamf Connect for login access doesn't work. Yes, I know an active user needs to be logged in for the screen saver to start. Still, in Mac Labs and classrooms, we have a multi-login environment where idle users get kicked out after a determined period of inactivity. Then the Mac sits at the Jamf Connect Login screen until is in use again with no screen saver running and burning the display for hours of inactivity.


I'm staying with Ventura until the JAMF screensaver module is updated and compatible with Sonoma.


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Review your energy saver configuration profiles. If I am not mistaken, unless the user manually locks the device the screensaver will not come up. Maybe a good idea to reboot devices daily with a configuration profile to shut them off and turn them back on at predefined times.