JAMF Connect causing lockouts

New Contributor

I have been running into a couple instances where a user updates their password (Google), logs in on JAMF connect and their local account gets locked.
I have run the unlock command on their account, but when they reboot, it gets locked out again.
Is there a workaround that I an do so I can get my user back into their laptop? Our workforce is all remote so I don't have the luxury of getting my hands on the laptop.


New Contributor III

I'm running into a similar issue with users changing either password via Okta then when they restart the device they are not able to login on the 1st (local) login screen. Users don't sync with the jamf connect app before they restart so the 1st local login password should be the same. Workaround for me is to boot into recovery and use the resetpassword command in terminal to reset the password and have them change it to what they set it in Okta then they are able to log in. Current Jamf Connect version = 2.15.