Jamf Connect error: "Invalid request: Invalid response code: 400"

New Contributor

We are using Jamf Connect with Azure AAD. Our configuration is hybrid and I have all the correct settings I can find in various documents and previous posts. I've even rebuilt the configuration using Jamf Connect Configuration and get tokens while testing. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. I tried a version bump to version 2.21.0 and still have the same behavior.

Anyone ran into this error when trying to connect using Jamf Connect Bar? This is happening on both Ventura and Monterey. 


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400 server error is usually something wrong in the configuration. By chance did something update on the AAD side, that you did not reflect on the Connect side? Beyond that, what are the JAMF Connet logs saying?


Jamf Connect Logs - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf