Jamf connect issues

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Hey everyone, 


I have three issues with Jamf connect and would love some guidance please. 


Issue 1: Everytime I reset my machine and login through the jamf connect login window it always reverts my admin account to a standard how can I have it not do that? 


Issue 2: Upon multiple restarts the Authchanger doesn’t kick in and the login window still appears and when it does work it will work on the second restart but we want the login window to disappear on the first restart 


Issue 3: We use our company logo for Jamf connect menu bar but once it launches it show the default menu bar then upon restart our company logo appears 


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1. This is likely a configuration issue. Check your configuration settings against your IDP, Jamf Connect is likely being told to demote your account to a standard account based on AD group membership when it checks with your IDP.

2 and 3: These sound like you may have a problem with the agent. There is nothing I am aware of that would cause Connect to not launch upon start up, but if you reboot (which is still just a start up) for it to launch. If it was flat out not launching, I would suggest making sure the launch daemons are installed, but your behavior is strange.