Jamf Connect - Local login looping back to network login - Changing Wi-Fi causes black screen

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Hello, I have a big issue with Jamf Connect using Google as the ID provider,

when trying to log in with Google, after the 2FA validation, I get an infinite loop.

so then I tried to log in to local mode with "allow local connection when no network" I also got an endless loop.

Also when trying to switch network SSID I get a black screen for 30 seconds...

There are also visual issues with Google ID and Jamf Connect, the MFA screen is cut in half, and it always asks for authorization, I mean it's an awful experience.

The only way to log in to the MacBook was to nuke the installation of Jamf Connect completely.

Is someone having the same issues? 


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For the issues with logging in, check the jamf connect logs but I'd wager something is off with the configuration profile. 

Jamf Connect Logs - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf


The WebView for Google ID looking bad is something you probably want to submit feedback to jamf over. with 2.37 (released on monday) jamf made some changes to login window web views to better fit certain IDP's logins, they may have broken Googles.

Jamf Connect for macOS App Release History - Jamf Connect Documentation 2.37.0 | Jamf


The black screen has been an issue with Jamf Connect for some time, if I remember correctly, it has something to do with the AuthChanger. I have never managed to find a fix for this, and thankfully my users dont complain too much about it.