Jamf Connect login not working with Corporate WiFi



Today, We found out the Jamf Connect login is not working when connected to our corporate WiFI network which is basically EAP/TLS machine level cert auth with auto-join configured through Configuration Profile.


Does anyone has any solution for this issue ? OR does anyone come across this issue ?


Note: Jamf Connect Login works perfectly fine on home network / mobile hotspot.


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We have the same issue with Jamf Connect and our enterprise network, we are using PEAP user level cert with auto join. Our users cannot join our WPA2 Enterprise network at the Jamf Connect login screen even when they are passing their district credentials. Once they're logged into the machine the user can then enter and connect using their credentials. Right now we have a SSID that we are passing the password for via profile to machines so they can authenticate through to login and get to the Home Screen. Which when they get to the home screen they can use their district credentials to log into the Wifi. 

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Wifi connection at JAMF Connect login screen is not capable of connecting to networks which depends on Radius Server for user authentication.

Refer to Network requirements section for more infomration.
General Requirements - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf