JAMF Connect & Okta & Titan Security Key

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Has anyone experience with JAMF Connect and Okta & USB Security Keys?

We would like to implement 2FA for our Mac Logins. Apparently Okta is the only IDP capable of using a USB Security Key (Titan Security Key in particular). I am able to test the configuration using JAMF Connect Configuration successfully using just username/password and also in combination with Okta Verify. But as soon as the USB Key comes in play, JAMF Connect won't let me log in saying "401 unauthorized access is denied due to invalid credentials".

Any hint is very much appreciated! The JAMF Admin Guide was not very helpful.



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You may need to dig through the debug logs to find the response code provided by Okta. Then, if it's actually a success from the Okta side, you could add the response code to the SuccessCodes key here.