jamf connect - password sync

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Jamf connect installed on devices. Not binded to AD.

User changed their password on a windows device. When they go to a Mac and try to login, the message stating "network password does not match your local password. Please type in your old password to sync.".

What do you do if they don't remember their old password? Trying to deploy a password change for the local account through jamf has been unsuccesful.

Is there a way to auto update the local password without having to type in the old one?


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No. MacOS uses a local account, the keychain is the point of truth. The user needs to log in to their IDP with JAMF Connect for JAMF Connect to know what their new password is to sync it down to the Mac. There is no way to automate this.


As far as what to do if a user forgets their password.

  • JAMF Can reset local account passwords one off (I have never actually seen this work)
  • In macOS recovery there is a forgot all passwords command that will reset the user password.
  • If you use iCloud that can be used to reset the password.
  • Log in with a local admin account and change the users password.
  • Rebuild the users profile.

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If you are escrowing your Personal Recovery keys, you can use that to change the password at the login screen. It's smart to go ahead and make it match their new IPD password.


If you forgot your Mac login password - Apple Support

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As mentioned above, eithe use a personal recovery key or to login with IT Admin account that has a secure token to reset the end user's password.