JAMF Connect questions

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Hi All,

Total Jamf newbie here. I would like to know if any of you have had any experience with JAMF Connect and DFS shares. Obviously it is stated in the documentation that this is not supported. Have you got any workarounds to avoid binding the Mac to the domain?

Also how about printing? Is it easy to integrate with any SaaS printing services?


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I have never tried DFS shares. As far as printing it depends on your print server and how it accepts authentication. We use Lexmark print services and user auth (typically SSO) and it works fine.


However, if you are also using DFS with your print server environments I'd expect the same issues you are seeing with your sharedrive. The limitations with DFS are because of DFS requiring AD joining to function, this is not a limitation of JAMF Connect but how itself DFS functions.

Distributed File System namespace support - Apple Support (KZ)