Jamf Connect Sync Corrupting FileVault Password?

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I sporadically have users experience an issue where they attempt to update their password via Jamf Connect and it appears to work, but the next time they reboot and log in, the FileVault login does not accept their new nor their old password. This leaves them up a creek and the only option is to use the recovery key to get them back in. And in at least a couple of cases, we don't have the recovery key (they are "legacy" machines and FileVault was enabled well before we had Jamf in place so the keys were never escrowed) so the only option is to rebuild. I'm still working on the least intrusive way of enabling a local admin account for FV and enforcing LAPS on it.


Anyone else see an issue like this and have an idea of what tree I should bark up?


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I've had the same experience with a few of my users.