Jamf Connect validation: OIDCProvider not showing in Directory Utility

New Contributor

Hi All,

We have been deploying Jamf Connect 2.1.3 and 2.3.0 now. So far so good. But we have been noticing that handful of devices doesn't have OIDCProvider and NetworkUser attributes when looking into the Directory Utility user account. ( We have EA that gathers these attributes to validate if Jamf Connect is being installed and local account is mapped to Azure. )

Jamf Connect has been installed properly though with Menu populated with username.

I am wondering if this is going to be issue in future when it is close to password expiration time.

We are thinking of re-installing Jamf Connect would fix this issue. Haven't tried yet. Has anybody experience this yet? How do you guys validate that Jamf Connect is properly installed?

I would appreciate any response on this.