License failed validation on Jamf Connect

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I have a working Jamf Connect so far and we renewed the license a month ago. Everything works fine until, suddenly some of the users having trouble receiving "License failed validation" error when signIn with JC.

Error : Please locate your license file or contact your admin. 

Anyone ran in to this issue?



check the new license is added for both com.jamf.connect and com.jamf.connect.login .

check for any conflict with "License File" attribute in other profile 

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Thanks @vinu_thankachan. I found out the solution.

Honestly, Jamf having a weird problem, they'll not intimate you when there is compatibility issue on JC versions, i.e, if JC v2.3.0 isn't compatible on a license key file, the JC app throws error "License failed validation" at Login or If the JC updated to the latest version this requires a reboot/refresh the app. So we should understand the scenario and make sure to update the latest license file at the device end manually by checking the file - /Library/Managed Preferences/ "com.jamf.connect.login" "com.jamf.connect.sync" "com.jamf.connect" 

and update to the latest recommended JC version (if not already) and then kill jamf connect or just reboot. 


There is something a built in date where the app just stops working and each new version gets a new date.

Adjusted the script accordingly to perform all these at one stretch 😁