macbook asks me to create a user manually - Enrollment with SSO Azure

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i have the problem, that the devices on their first registration ask to create manually a computer account. I don't know why this happened, because in the past the process was the following: We have SSO Azure and the user got the Microsoft Window to login with the Microsoft-Account credentials. After that the MacBook automatically created the local computer account like the Microsoft-Account.

But now, after login with the Microsoft-Account the user must create manually a computer account and there is no automatically account creation. If you do that, you get an error after a few minutes.

Can somebody help me? I do not know what is wrong with our configuration in Jamf Pro and i don't find something to fix that.

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Check to make sure nothing changed in Azure. JAMF Connect builds the account based on the information Azure gives it. 


JAMF Connect itself is a simple product. Review your configuration profiles, there should be 2/3 of them (depending on if you split the license off in to its own profile). If you updated JAMF Connect, but not the configuration profiles or the inverse that could cause issues.


This is probably not related, but if you dont have account creation bypassed in your PreStage and you are using 0 touch deployment that may cause users to be prompted to create accounts. Though they should see this before JAMF Connect would be installed during setup assistant.