NoMAD & NoMAD Login and AD bound Macs AND macOS 10.15

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Sorry about the long title, but it sets up the situation I am seeing.

At my college we had begun migrating our Macs off AD and using NoMAD and NoLoAD for authentication to the domain.

Recently, we have had to reverse that, but we want to keep NoMAD because it helps with password sync, among other things.

However, When a new user logs into a Mac running macOS 10.15, NoMAD and NoLoAD, and bound to AD their new user profile is not being fully created. The user profile folder only gets populated with the Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Library folders. Running “Music” forces the creation of a “Music” folder. Running “Photos” causes an error that says a Photos library cannot be found (and a Pictures folder does NOT get created.)

  • This doesn’t seem to affect pre-10.15 Macs.
  • Tested this by manually binding, binding via Self Service and binding during our setup process (a script with multiple calls to triggers.)
  • Tested with different settings (User Experience) in the binding.
  • Tested with and without the “demobilize user account” setting in NoMAD. (We demobilize our accounts normally.)
  • Tested with not binding and just NoMAD - works fine
  • Tested with binding and without NoMAD - works fine.

Is anyone seeing anything like this?


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We are seeing the same thing

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Ever find a fix or workaround? We're just noticing this issue in our environment.