NoMAD with Azure AD Password Protection

New Contributor III

Hi Everyone,

We're looking at moving to Jamf Connect, but are currently blocked by some other factors.

We are looking to enable Azure AD Password Protection in our environment with regular NoMAD.

I have tested changing password on a machine, but it quite happily changes password to things on the global banned list with no issue.

I have tried modifying the host file to set the IP of the AD server with the Azure AD Password Agent running, running a dig srv command in terminal shows that it is going to the right server.

However, when I change password, there's nothing in the AD logs to show the password change - the password change is also taking longer than usual.

So I wonder if it's either:

1) Connecting straight to LDAP and bypassing the agent - but that doesn't explain the logs.
2) Jumping onto the next server that will accept the password change - if so, is that NoMAD behaviour, or something in our DC setup.

In short - has anyone got Azure AD Password Protection running with NoMAD?