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Jamf Connect macOS 14.2 Upgrade Requirement

Due to an unexpected issue (PI115107) with the upcoming release of macOS 14.2, all customers must update to Jamf Connect version 2.29.0. For Mac computers with macOS 14.2 or later and a version of Jamf Connect earlier than 2.29.0, all users who start...  View more

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JAMF Connect - Second Logon Window Error.

I'm proof of concerting JAMF connect in my environment. I'm currently on the trial license. I have everything talking with Azure properly, and have no issue getting through our MFA at log-in. However, after an account is created for the first time an...  View more

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invald grant_type Jamf Connect 1.8.0

Hey Guys, Just installed Jamf Connect 1.8.0 on a test machine with Google iDP and getting invaled grant_type on login. This requires using Local Auth to get in which kind of defeats the purpose. Anybody have any suggestions? With Jamf Connect 1.6.0 p...  View more

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NomadLogin background and logo Help

We're setting up NomadLogin for deployment and I'm testing right now. The AD connection is working, but all I get for the background and logo are white screen. I don't know where I'm messing up. Here's my script: #!/bin/bash # Preference key referenc...  View more

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NoMAD with Azure AD Password Protection

Hi Everyone, We're looking at moving to Jamf Connect, but are currently blocked by some other factors. We are looking to enable Azure AD Password Protection in our environment with regular NoMAD. I have tested changing password on a machine, but it q...  View more

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Enforce Okta Password reset.

We have recently moved to Jamf and Jamf Connect - Okta integration. Seems to work great for authentication so far. However we have a 60 day password update policy and that does not seem to enforce via the Jamf Connect mechanism. If the user exists on...  View more

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jamf CONNECT + Azure AD offline capability

Hi - We recently installed jamf CONNECT for a client and it works great, but how does offline work? Without an internet connection, there's no way to authenticate with AAD, so I get that they need to at least login for the first time with a connectio...  View more

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Jamf Connect for Azure

Has anyone managed to get this to work? I've followed the steps from this guy which has more details than the Jamf instructionshttps://travellingtechguy.eu/jamf-connect-login-with-azure/ But I still cannot the SAML prompt to appear at the Apple Setup...  View more

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NoMAD Login - Add help URL at "Login Window"

It will be great if we could add a url in the "Login Window" with NoMAD Login. I've already configured NoMAD with our AD and a custom image at Login Window, but we'd like to add a URL link under this image "If you forget your password, please click h...  View more

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