PI-007051 ? what does PI stand for and where do I find these issues.


I recently added in a support ticket and the result was that there was a problem with the product and they returned that it was hitting the issue in "PI-007051". I don't know where to look for these and the search doesn't help with either the code or just using PI. I get stuff about Rasberry Pi.

Can someone shed some light?



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A PI is a Product Issue, or defect or bug or whatever else you want to call it when something in software doesn't work as expected. If you have Jamf Pro select the face icon in the top right corner, and then "My Assets". On the following page under the words Jamf Pro, you will see "Known Issues". Select that to see the Jamf Pro PIs, although I'm not seeing the one you referenced.

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Major Jamf Connect issues are found under "Known Issues" in the Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-connect/administrator-guide/Release_Notes.html

This list gets updated with every release -- usually every two weeks. It looks like this specific issue is currently not on the list but should be added during the next release for visibility's sake.

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PI - Product Issue .. hahah.. i don't know why I couldn't come up with that one.

I guess it's possible that I have found a PI. I'll keep checking to see if it's been fixed in the releases.

Thanks for the info.

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@bmcdade I have found in the past when I ran into PI, when the PI was addressed in a future update, I would receive an email from my account team at Jamf to inform me the fix for the PI was implemented. You might want to check back with support to verify you will be notified. It's hard to stay on top of every issue we ever come across when our daily tasks can more than make up for all the hours in a day.