SecureW2 SCEP, EAP-TLC 802.1x cert Wi-Fi, and Jamf Connect Login Window

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Here's our setup:

Enrollment Customization with SSO login that passes the username and full name to Jamf Connect so once the user hits the Jamf Connect login screen for the first time they are only prompted to verify the password.

They enter the password and their account is created


We recently got SecureW2 setup and it is passing certs to my test machine at the computer level, so it is a system cert. The machine connects to the Wi-Fi automatically if you are on the desktop already, or if you do the setup while connected to ethernet. 


So now the problem:

If I connect to our Wi-Fi network during enrollment, I can sign in using my credentials and approve the on-prem server issued cert and connect and go through the enrollment process, which includes Jamf pushing the SCEP cert and checking the logs on SecureW2 the cert is pushed back to Jamf and so Jamf should be pushing it to the machine. Unfortunately, as soon as I hit the Jamf Connect Login screen to verify my password, I have no internet - at this point the SCEP cert is installed, but I am connected to our network. Check our network logs and the machine is not even trying to authenticate. I DO NOT have the "Use as login window configuration" box checked, and the profile is a machine profile not user.

Has anyone set up SecureW2 for SCEP for 802.1x certs with Jamf Connect and gotten an internet connection at the Jamf Connect login screen?




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Hey Dane! Would love to chat if you've got a moment or three as am seeing a similar issue...