Device still has Jamf, but lost the record on the IT side

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Hello all,

3 of our devices were supervised and managed, but the Jamf records on our end were deleted while the devices were still active. So the devices still have Jamf on the system, but now phoning home is pretty weird. We were able to restore one of the records, but it appears to be only managed now. On this restored record, we are unable to push any commands or policies to the device that are normally available by default (Lock Device, Send Blank Push, etc.).

Is there any way to get these devices reconnected to our system, or should we bag it and just re-issue new devices to these users?

I'll be checking this all day so please feel free to ask any questions about anything I might have left out. Thanks!


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It really depends on how the devices were enrolled.  If the devices were enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment with non-removable MDM profiles, you will need to erase the device and re-enroll.  If they were device enrolled, you can remove the profile and re-enroll (you may also want to run sudo jamf removeFramework on macOS devices).

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Run the following commands in this order

sudo jamf removeMdmProfile
sudo jamf removeFramework


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They should be reprovisioned. If the MDM profile is removable you can remove the MDM profile and JAMF Framework and reenroll, but reprovisioning is best. Apple has build the MDM Framework in a manner where it cannot self heal, it must be rebuilt.