Where is the OIDC Client ID, ROPG Client ID and Address of my Azure AD instance?

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Hey everyone:

I'm in the process of setting up Jamf Connect with a test version of the product and I'm trying to locate the following:


  1. Authentication Address - address to authenticate to my azure instance
  2. OIDC Client ID
  3. ROPG Client ID

I have admin creds for our Azure ID environment but have no idea where to locate these bits of info.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Contributor III

Assuming a pure Azure authentication, the OIDC Client ID and ROPG Client ID will be the the Application (Client) ID generated when you create an App Registration. And you don't need an Authentication Address. 

If you are using ADFS for authentication, it is a little different. 

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Can you please share information for the ADFS auth process?  We are having issues with Azure and want to leverage ADFS, but I believe there are different ADFS authentication options.

Do you mean they are the same thing?