App Auto-Patch (2.9.3): Automate Your Mac's Application Management


Hello, Jamf Nation!

I’m excited to share a project that I believe could bring significant value to our community—App Auto-Patch. Designed for macOS application management, this tool leverages the power of swiftDialog and Installomator to streamline the application patch management process, ensuring your Macs' applications stay up to date effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Local Application Discovery: Automatically identifies applications installed on Mac computers that require updates.
  • SwiftDialog Integration: Enhances user experience by providing clear, friendly prompts for update deferrals and installations.
  • Flexible Application Management: New variables allow for customized handling of applications in the user's home folder, including conversion and ignoring options.
  • Improved Deferral Window: Offers end-users clarity on pending updates with a resizable deferral window and updated messaging.
  • Webhook Reporting: Enables status reporting to Teams and/or Slack, offering insights into patching successes or failures.

Why App Auto-Patch?

Our goal is to simplify the complexity of application management across Mac environments. By automating the patch process, we not only save time but also ensure that security and software updates are promptly applied, keeping our systems secure and efficient.

Getting Started:

For those interested in implementing App Auto-Patch in their Jamf Pro setup, there is a comprehensive guide to getting started located here:

We Want Your Feedback:

I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and any feedback you may have. Have you encountered specific challenges in application patch management that you’re hoping App Auto-Patch can solve? Do you have ideas for features that could enhance this tool further? Let’s discuss it!

App Auto-Patch on Slack: #app-auto-patch

App Auto-Patch on GitHub: App Auto-Patch Github

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your insights and feedback.


New Contributor

Really useful and have successfully set this up for a 180 machines