Mac Studio Keeps Crashing or Restarting

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Hi Jamf Nation!

I have a Mac studio that continues to crash and/or restart once it is enrolled. When removed from enrollment, the user says this issue does not occur, but every time we do enroll, the problem starts up. I have removed it from policies with restart payloads but not sure what would cause this to happen multiple times a day. Has anyone else experienced this? 


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Any, enrollment policies set to on-going?  Well you did that, LOL

OS version? 
Is your Jamf Pro cloud or on-premises?



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You're using user enrollment? 

Have you tried to use the enrollment command from a terminal:

sudo jamf enroll -prompt or tried it with no policy run: sudo jamf enroll -prompt -noPolicy


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  1. Independently verify the devices behavior. Make sure you don't just have a user trying to get out of having their device managed. Rule 1 of IT, "Never Trust the User". Never trusting the user comes before never speaking in absolutes and using "should" in every example.
  2. What do the JAMF Logs say? If there is a policy running that is doing this, so long as the policy is finishing you should see a log for it. Beyond that you will need to check the Logs on the Mac to see what is happening just before it goes down.
  3. Look at Extension Attributes, some of those may be scripts. A script is just a script and if a Mac does not like the script it does not care where it comes from.
  4. Reinstall macOS

Lastly, it sounds like you are using user initiated enrollment. If this is an organization owned device, do not use user initiated enrollment, use Automated Device Enrollment. The only reason I mention this, is both JAMF and Apple will tell you to reinstall macOS next which is the next logical troubleshooting step as its just one device having issues.

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True, true on the Org-owned device use DEP or ABM and prestige.  

Try not to use user enrollment. 

Logs, logs...

good advice @AJPinto