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Hello all! Fairly new to Jamf here, have inherited a bunch of Macs and a jamf instance.

What I'm trying to do today is create a configuration profile that disallows our Macs from being enrolled in iCloud's Find My Mac.

I've found where to do this in Configuration Profiles -> (new profile) -> Restrictions -> Functionality. However, i set the scope to my Mac only, restarted, then signed in again, and then attempted to enroll in Find My Mac on my personal iCloud (which is what i'm trying to prevent users from doing), and of course it happily signed up.

I feel like i'm missing something.

Do new configuration profiles get applied as they're scoped to computers? Or are they only applied when a computer having its first set of policies applied (post OS installation)? Is there a way to manually push a new profile from my Jamf console to all my Macs?

Any tips or pointers would be super appreciated!

Also, completely unrelated, out of curiosity, I've heard there is a great slack channel for mac admins, but since i wasn't administering Macs at that time, I didn't note where it is. Do any of you know about this Slack group?


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@iegarpong There has been an issue with the blocking of Find My via the Restrictions profile for a couple years now.  If you upload custom setting you can use the following: 


This should block being able to enable Find My Mac

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