Device will not rejoin configured network

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Hey, new to Jamf and Configurator, been working though it through trial and error and all has been well for the most part

I recently set some iPads up for forcing a passcode to be used but all of a sudden after a day or so, all of the iPads this was pushed through were no longer reconnecting automatically to the wifi I setup a payload config profile for? Wifi was turned on, however nothing was showing in the listed networks... and since it wasn't joined to wifi, I couldn't do anything via Jamf

Is this a common issue and is there an easy resolution other than (what I assume is the only way to remedy this) not forcing an auto-join to a particular network?


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I have never seen this myself. You may want to get a lightning/USB-C ethernet adapter, wiring the iPad up should allow it to talk with JAMF. I always fall back to a wired network when troubleshooting anything network related.


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