Disable App Store on a Macbook

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Is it possible to disable a specific app on a Macbook? For example the app store?


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You can use the restricted software section to restrict specific apps. 
For the app store specifically, you can do that with a config profile > Restrictions payload. 


Edit- I just saw that this is in Jamf Now. 
My answer was specifically for jamf pro. 

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@t_jones  can you please tell me step by step how i am able to do this within jamf pro?  any help would be appreciated. 

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I suggest making a new post rather than commenting on one from over a year ago. You will get more replies. Only those of us who have commented on this post get notified of your reply. That and you are also on the JAMF Now forum, not the JAMF Pro forum. 


As t_Jones said its under restricted software. Just create the Restricted software record, fill it out and set up a scope and you are done. I cannot stress enough, only use JAMFs Restricted Software in absolutely necessary cases. JAMF Pro is not a security tool and this is easily enough defeated. 



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I don't think JAMF now has that functionality for Macs, that is something relegated to JAMF Pro/Cloud.