How to connect Jamf Now with Apple Business Manager?

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I just signed up with Apple Business Manager without ever having a VPP/DEP. I'm not finding a way from within Jamf Now to connect ABM with Jamf Now, has anyone figured that out yet?

We want to manage all the iPads at our company, about 10 now, and make sure they all have the same software on them and easily set up new iPads that we add to the group.


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I have the exact same question! In jamf Now i see a DEP and VPP menu. I can only get the DEP to say ok, not the VPP. Shouldn't there be a Apple Busniess Manager option instead?

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Yes, you can connect Jamf Now with Apple Business Manager. The terminology for "DEP" and "VPP" is changing with Apple Business Manager, but the underlying technology that we use to connect with Jamf Now remains the same.

For DEP: Look for "MDM Servers" on the left navigation, then select (or create) an MDM Server for use with Jamf Now. When you select that server, you'll see an option to Upload Key (the key you get from Jamf Now), then Download Token (this is the token you upload to Jamf Now).

For VPP: Go to Settings > Apps And Books. At the bottom of that page is a section for "My Server Tokens". Download the token and upload to Jamf Now.

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This does not work.

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same here doesn't work with me too