iPhone In ABE But Not Managed in Jamf Now

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I have an iPhone that was successfully added to Apple Business Essentials using Apple Configurator 2.  I assigned it to the Jamf Now MDM server but the device shows as not managed in the Jamf Now Device list.  The identification and serial number are correct.  Is there any way to get the device to enroll without resetting it?


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Have you tried reconnecting it to Configurator now that it's in ABE to see if it will you supervise it? My process is Configurator 2 → Assign to Jamf in ABE/ASM  → erase and let the device go through PreStage. You may end up having to just erase it real quick. Scope the apps and Profiles you need and it's fairly painless when the device comes back online. I plant the WiFi certificate via Configurator then the rest is automated from there.

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New Contributor III

Unfortunately there is no way to auto enroll a mobile device with any MDM Service (ABE and JAMF now included) that doesn’t involve resetting the device. Computers we can auto enroll via Terminal, but iPhones and iPads… you gotta reset it. Thankfully there is a workflow for backing up and restoring data (using iCloud, but iirc you can do it with a PC backup too). Here it is: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Restoring_an_iCloud_Backup_for_iPad_or_iPhone.html