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Unable to access Jamfcloud.com

I have requested for a trail version of jamf pro and i have received the credentials but i am unable to login to the home page. Do i need to install any prerequisite software on the MAC computer .  View more

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Browser Plugin - force enable / audit list

I've done a lot of searching and I'm going to guess the answer is no but I feel like I should ask as none of the posts were very current. Does anybody have a method of auditing all user plugins across the major browsers for macOS? Also does anybody h...  View more

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Unable to create mobile account

I keep getting this error after a MacBook Pro has run through the enrollment process and active directory binding and successfully binds to AD. I have tried re-imaging the computer as well as logging in as different users all with the same result. An...  View more

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Looking for a better High Sierra workflow.

Hi I'm currently pushing High Sierra using Jamf user interaction. I place the Install High Sierra app in /Application, then user interaction runs a script to install that installer. Unfortunately, the script doesn't always work when the policy times ...  View more

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How to connect Jamf Now with Apple Business Manager?

I just signed up with Apple Business Manager without ever having a VPP/DEP. I'm not finding a way from within Jamf Now to connect ABM with Jamf Now, has anyone figured that out yet? We want to manage all the iPads at our company, about 10 now, and ma...  View more

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Scope: Target computers vs target users

We really started getting issue since after upgrading JAMF 10.3.1.xxx, because when this new scope introduced in casper suite, this is fist time I had major outbreak with recent testing. I have payload, that I wanted to apply for specific computers a...  View more

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Best Practice - AD Integration & Check

Hey folks, I'm relatively new to Jamf and taking over a system three years in development by our previous Mac admin, and I was wondering if anybody had any tips on best practice for AD enrollment and then checking for any Macs that drop off, with a m...  View more

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Independent Consultant Using Jamf Now

Hey guys! I am a recently unemployed IT professional (as of last Friday) contemplating setting out to become an independent consultant focusing on Apple devices in the workplace. If I were to come across small organizations that wanted to use Apple d...  View more

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Will Jamf Now suffice?

I'm managing a 60-macbook shop. The primary things I want to do are: manage and push custom app packages, like a modified Chrome package. configure WPA2 enterprise with key-based EAP authentication. configure FileVault. remote disk wipe. configure LD...  View more

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Migration of new and existing iPads to groups

I am beginning a migration of new and existing iPads (8000) from Meraki to Jamf in an educational setting K-12. When breaking down or grouping by grade or building should I use static groups for buildings and smart groups for grades in each buildings...  View more

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