Issue to sync Apple Business with JamfPro

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Hi everyone,

Our JamfPro doesn't sync with the Apple Business. I buy 5 MacBook Pro, their are registred in Apple Business but in Jamf not appear. When I go to Configuration > Global Management > Automated Device Enrollment appear this error in the windows.


Can you help me?




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Is your Jamf cloud or on prem? Also, did you check at the bottom of that window of the token expiration date?


Is Jamf cloud

The expiration date is:



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Hi @ItSupportBuff,

I've run recently in similar error and it seems that it was related to the role of my account on my Apple Business Manager. ¿Are you an Administrator or Device Enrolment Manager? As a Content Manager or People Manager my devices weren't able to sync with Jamf Pro.

Hope it helps.

Hi, we are logged with Administrator account

Hi @ItSupportBuff,

Even if you renew your “Push Certificates” and re-upload the token from your ABM to Jamf it still gives you that error?

If so like @junjishimazaki said, contact Jamf Support to check you instance.

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In your Jamf instance go to the server logs, any logs errors that stick out? Since it's cloud, I would hit Jamf support, they may restart your tomcat server. They will ask for your server logs if they do restart your tomcat server

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If an ABM admin download token then you can may have this issue. Because token must be upload to the JAMF after download. Go ABM and then re-download token and upload. The synchronize will start in couple of minutes