Jamf Now: Install failed. App not available in App Store

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Trying Jamf Now to regulate my daughter's 4s iphone. I have created an AnnieBlueprint and added some apps to the blueprint.

When I go to My devices and select Annie's phone and IOS apps, all the apps (half dozen) are flagged with the message:

Install failed. App not available in App Store

I have tried to reinstall but the same message results. Is there a trick to getting the apps to install properly? Thanks guys.



Hello, a few followups. Do you have an account set up with Apple's Volume Purchase Program? If so, have you purchased copies of these apps with managed distribution licenses to deploy?

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I am not the VPP program but the APPs I am trying to install are all free so it indicated that I did not need VPP? Is this true? On a side note I did try to sign up for VPP and it said my Apple ID could not be used for VPP. No reason why. I haven't investigated this further yet.

At this point I would just like to get a few apps on my daughters phone. Thanks

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Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue.