Jamf Now - questions about this with Intune

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I need to manage 2 macs, our Windows devices are in Azure / Intune. I'm looking at Jamf as I've heard its the best solution for macs.

We only have 2 devices and a small business so was looking to use Jamf Now but have a few queries on this setup...


  1. Does Jamf Now work with Intune, all the documentation points to Jamf Pro?

  2. Why do you run Intune & Jamf? They both seem to be similar in what they do (encryption, policies, etc)

  3. Is it viable to just use Intune when its just a few macs? One key thing is we want them to sign into macs using AzureAD accounts?


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JAMF is the best solution for Macs. However this is JAMF Pro, not JAMF Now. JAMF Now is an extremely basic tool.





Why to pick JAMF Pro over Intune:

  • JAMF has been managing Macs since the time before MDM framework. JAMF Pro built its own Management framework called the JAMF Binary. In current times JAMF Pro leans on both MDM framework (which intune uses as well), and the JAMF binary to give you far more control over the Mac than most competing MDM solutions. JAMF is also fully dedicated to the Apple Platform, they are not developing something for Windows and tagging macOS on as an after thought. 
  • Intune is fine for iOS management. However Microsoft has been extremely lazy in developing for managing Macs. Deploying non-appstore apps is still limited at best. If you only need to manage your Macs like iPhones, intune is fine. If you need to manage your Macs like computers, look in to another solution.

Why to pick Intune over JAMF:

  • JAMF Pro has a 50 license minimum, if you just need 2 licenses you are buying 50.
  • If you are fully in the Microsoft echo system and want minimal management over macOS than Intune is fine.

You mentioned you want users to be able to sign in with AD Accounts. I cannot stress this enough, do not domain bind. Though domain binding does not allow you to sign in with AAD accounts. Look in to JAMF Connect, this tool will let you login with AAD accounts. JAMF Connect can be deployed with any MDM, it does not need JAMF Pro.

About Jamf Connect - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf


JAMF and Intune are not the only MDM solutions. Addigy and Kandgi are also quite popular. As far as JAMF Now, dont spend time on that solution as JAMF Now is not designed for enterprise use. If JAMF Now is your only option just stick with Intune.