JAMF Remote Alternatives

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We used to use JAMF Remote at our place and been avoiding an update as JAMF Remote was deprecated. One of the reason we used this was for reiamging the Mac's but can no longer do this so what other ways do people achieve this?


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Imaging is dead and has been for a few years now. All devices should be built these days using Automated Device Enrolment (ADE) via prestage enrolments. This negates the need for you or your team to connect to a device to manually do anything to it. If you haven't looked at ADE or prestage enrolments I highly recommend you start.

In saying that, Jamf have announced the following:

Jamf Remote Assist Coming Soon

Jamf Remote Assist, a new screen-sharing feature, will be coming in a future release of Jamf Pro for both on-premise and cloud-hosted environments. Remote Assist will allow you to securely initiate a session to remotely manage computers and help users troubleshoot issues. Using the Jamf Pro interface or the command line, Remote Assist sessions will allow you to connect to an end user computer even when the user is not on the internal network. Additional details will be included in the Jamf Pro release notes in the future.

(I'm not sure if its going to be released for Jamf Now.  Best to check the Jamf Now release notes or ask the Jamf Customer Success team.)

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Hope we see more details about Jamf Remote Assist @ JNUC 2023