Remotely change Macbook System Preferences in employee profile

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I've recently provided a remote employee with a Macbook. There's an admin account only I know the password to, and a secondary account the employee uses. The Macbook has been set up with my Jamf Now account.

It turns out we forgot to enable Screen Recording for Microsoft Teams, which is located under System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Screen Recording, and the remote employee is not able to change this setting themselves without the admin password.

If I can not do this, is it possible for me to change the admin profile password temporarily for my employee to log in to it, change the preference, log out, and then remotely change the admin profile password again?

What are my options? I do not want to provide the admin password to the employee.


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yes you could change passwords around and share to get this done. or remotely connect and click the box. that said, the proper way to fix this is to push a PPPC config to the box, commonly called Privacy Preferences Policy Control. using these you can set moSt security related settings for any app bundle. here's a utility that can help you create the settings, which you can then upload and push down to your clients: I've only done it with jamf pro; I'd think similar things are possible with now.

Thanks for your reply. It does not appear to be an option to use PPPC in Jamf Now

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sure, that's surprising to me as PPPC stuff; comes up often depending on the apps being used. I'd ask support, I've never used now. if you can create a proper pppc config profiles have worked well for me. good luck.