Prey Package using Jamf Now

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We are using Jamf Now (not Pro) to manage a small amount of Macs and iPads/iPhones.

One of our laptops was recently stolen, and was wiped.

However because the computer was auto enrolled via apple MDM it keeps popping back up in Jamf Now.

So, I am trying to get Prey installed on it remotely, but failing miserably.

I have created a custom pkg in Packages, that has a post-install shell script to run that should download the installer, and run it, passing in the API Key.


download prey

curl -o /private/tmp/prey-mac-1.8.2-x64.pkg ""

Run Prey Installer

echo "Starting to install Prey" >> /private/tmp/prey.log
API_KEY=REMOVED sudo -E installer -pkg prey-mac-1.8.2-x64.pkg -target / >> /private/tmp/prey.log
echo "Install completed" >> /private/tmp/prey.log

I have signed the pkg, and tried running it locally and it runs as expected.

However if I upload it to Jamf Now and assign it to a blueprint it never installs.

On one of the test machines I can see the file download progress, but then nothing else in the console. On another machine, I see the installation get assigned in the logs, but nothing after that.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong here, as I'm not using Jamf Pro I can't just run a script to do this?

Help greatly appreciated!


exit 0


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Were you able to find a solution? I'm in the same boat, created the package, signed it, and looks like it was installed, but don't see the process or binaries on the machine.