Removing JAMF Policies? (Bought a Mac off former employer, they never removed JAMF/restrictions)

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Bought my MacBook when I left my former employer (independent school). They made me an admin when I left but they never disabled the JAMF client on my device. I don't have terminal access and I'm wondering if there is way to disable JAMF on the device somehow.


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1) Reach back out to them and ask them to remove it OR 2) Go into System Preferences and remove the MDM Profile OR 3) Wipe the computer and re-install the OS

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You may also want to check that your former employer also disowned the device from their Apple School Manager.

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I don't understand why you don't have access to Terminal, any user can open the Terminal. Besides the other suggestions here, if you can access the Terminal, this command will remove all Jamf components, including any configuration profiles installed via Jamf: 

sudo jamf removeFramework (you can only do this if you're an Administrator in the machine)

Wiping the computer could be an option, but if it's still registered in your former employer's Apple School/Business Manager, then it's just going to be re-enrolled right after reinstalling the OS. You may also be prompted for a Filevault recovery key when you try to wipe it.