Self Service not connecting with local User (Local Admin works fine)

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I'm still a bit of a newby when it comes to Jamf.

We are testing Self Services with our JamfNow/Fundamentals Plan and I just ran into a weird thing.
When  I'm logged in as a Local Administrator everything works as expected BUT when I log in as a Local User the Self Services App suddenly cant find the MDM Server anymore. 

Did someone run into that problem and knows how to fix it ? 

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IMac Retina 5K, 27" End of 2014
BigSur 11.6.6


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New Contributor III

Hey Max,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this behavior. To start, it would be important to call out the documentation that notes that Jamf Now Mac Management Requirements document mentions the following:

"Jamf Now can only fully communicate with one local account per Mac. The local account used to enroll will be the account managed by Jamf Now. For any Auto-Enrolled Mac, this will most likely be the account created during the Setup Assistant."

This is mainly the case for User Level profiles (such as WiFi, Web Clips, and Email) that only the local user account used to enroll will have access to. 

There are other aspects of Jamf Now management that sync across all local user accounts such as App Deployment. I am curious whether Self Service can fall under this category since the App is available across all user account. I have created a ticket for the Jamf Now development team to investigate on why Self Service cannot sync with Jamf Now on secondary user accounts. In the meantime though, it seems like Self Service is limited to the local user account used to enroll into Jamf Now.


Hopefully this helps!



Hi chaz,

thank you for your reply!
I just discovered that on mobile users it works just fine. 

Best Regards

So I got a bit more into testing and I think i can confirm your assumption. On my personal Macbook i have a mobile account with local admin privileges. Self Service work fine on my account. If I switch to the local admin account on my machine, selfservices dont work anymore. I think my machine was enrolled via my mobile admin account. 

something is very off here and makes using self services for now alsmost impossible to really implement for our users. I hope there will be a solution soon.