Will Jamf Now suffice?

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I'm managing a 60-macbook shop. The primary things I want to do are:

  • manage and push custom app packages, like a modified Chrome package.
  • configure WPA2 enterprise with key-based EAP authentication.
  • configure FileVault.
  • remote disk wipe.
  • configure LDAP/Kerberos authentication

Does anyone know for certain whether this can be done with Jamf Now? I'm guessing no, but I'm a Jamf noob.


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The fact that you need to create custom app packages leads me to believe you will need Jamf Pro. In addition to packages, 60 computers will be much easier to manage with Jamf Pro because you can create set and forget workflows with Smart Groups.

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Agree with the above poster. Not an expert on Jamf Now (although I use it to manage my personal devices), but for me the tipping point is probably around a dozen to two dozen machines. Once past that point, I think you're going to want the "Pro" features to make life a lot easier.