workflow for connecting iPads to WIFI (best practice)

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Is anyone doing anything different other than connecting 30 ipads to a USB hub and pushing out a WIFI profile?


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We're using Jamf as a SCEP proxy to issue an iOS device cert from our internal Microsoft CA.

This allows the iPad to be connected to any network while the SCEP WiFi payload installs, and then it can get to the internal network.

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Thanks for that but I was looking to automate the first step (them connected to the WIFI in the first place). So it seems like the only way to do this with a bunch of lightning leads and Apple Configurator.At the moment my workflow is this

0) make sure the restrictions, serials etc are all configured in Jamf.
1) Connect iPads to HUB
2) Use configurator to install the WIFI profile
3) Go through the setup screen for each iPad (next, next, next)
4) iPads done, Jamf configures them.